Neumann U-87 Stephan Paul mod


Today, i recorded vocal tracks on an electro disco song with Neumann U-87 Stephan Paul mod. Without eqs, it already stood out in the mix!!

今日、エレクトロな曲調にノイマンのU-87 Stephan Paul改造モデルで歌を録音しました。ノンEQで既にオケから抜けてます!
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日々レコーディングの日々。sanken CU-41

I've been into recording mode for a few weeks.

Today, I did a vocal and guitar recording with a Japanese condenser mic, Sanken CU-41 with pre amps and comp which all my recording engineer brought.

These i never tried before.

but, the sounds should sound like recorded in a luxury studio.

we also made recordings of a nylon strings guitar by the same mic, which i felt great to play with.

i usually record things by myself, but it is very pleasure and luxury to have a staff record things.

I will be doing recordings even after my up coming gig on September 14 in Tokyo.

always anything contains learning part, but i learned "that mic" will capture such high frequency.

very impressive and wish i could the mic for my other songs.



今日の歌取りは、普段自分が使わないマイク(sanken CU-41)、そしてプリアンプ、コンプでやってみました。






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明日の放送のネットラジオ「Cafe De Yoshi」の一部を公開!

8月24日(水)8PM-8:55PM放送のネットラジオ「Cafe De Yoshi」の一部を公開!




内容:Cafe De Yoshi(Vol. 189)は番組ホストYOSHIのスペシャルミックスを放送します。



August 24 (Wed) 8PM-8:55PM Japan Time

An internet radio show "Cafe De Yoshi" ( Vol. 189) will play a special mix by Yoshi, da host.

The mix consists of Bossa Nova, Jazz, African, etc, very slow warm music with a certain spice!



Carioca (The Carioca) Caetano Veloso
Let It Happen Lindstrom & Christabelle
Listen Here Eddie Harris
This Old House The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Un Clavel Para La Nina 1 Eugenio Rodriguez
Totobiroko Twins Seven
Lakutshona Llanga Angélique Kidjo
You Gotta Be Des'ree
Para Variar Bossa Eletrica
E Vem O Sol Marcos Valle
Sandalia Dela Duke Pearson
Every Day You've Been Away Bebel Gilberto
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The change of making tracks / トラック作りの変化

I have noticed myself that I changed the way I make tracks / compose songs since a year ago.

I have been a guitarist and and it is my main instrument, but for recordings, I play others like bass and synth.

When I made the song "Cart," I believe I started from Kawaii K-1 II vintage synth (is 1989 already called vintage???).

There are a few sounds I have linked in K-1 II and still use it.

But, I used to recorded guitar at first on most of songs.

Specially, when I wrote a riff and do the rest part while recording on soft ware, Logic.

But, I never ever used the score function too much until I worked with classical players who cannot play by chords.

It was hectic since I was not familiar to use the function in Logic, but it was very educational.

These days, I have recorded some of the songs I wrote long time ago.

Before I recorded guitar and vocal, I just used the soft samplers in Logic and programmed the vocal part and chords by acoustic piano. it really really gave me a fresh way to look at the song and gives me a better whole picture of the song.

With Midis/software instruments, I can easily transpose, change the tempo and change to other instruments.

I came from a rock band and really liked organic groove and loved to play bass. But, now, I even program the bass part but include my emotion and knowledge as a musician.

As I mentioned from the last blog, I was very old school and spoiled to analog way to create music and never accepted much of digital tool as I do now. Partially, software instruments sound amazing and not too expensive at all. Partially, it is my new phase to do something different to me, maybe not to the others.

Going back to the issue of using piano as a tool to sketch a big picture of a song, it actually did not end up as a temporary drawing, it has become a part of my powerful instrument in tracks. You may hear alot of piano by Ivory II on my recent track, Eternal Light.




"Cart"を最初に作った時も、確かカワイのK-1 IIにある音色から初めて、それからギターのリフが出来たり。。。

ちなみに未だにK-1 IIにある数個の音色は好きで、たまに使っています。





"Eternal Light"の最新ヴァージョンでは、Ivory IIで鳴らしているピアノが聞けます。

"Eternal Light" Studio Live (July 31, 2011):

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my mind changes to Modern Hi-Fi

I am always between players mind and engineer mind, software and hardware.

Sometimes I have no desire to buy things and suddenly i get new desires to try out new and old things i never try before.

sometimes, i am in a mood and the other time i am totally opposite. i believed in analog world but at this moment, i am seeking and facing to the digital world of today. not until recently (old school 16/44.1), I started using 24 bit / 48khz, it's changing. i am in more hi-fi mode.

I used to like very dry sound, no reverb on vocal, during early 2000.
but now, i am dying to use alot of reverb for many instruments. Not only reverb, but i may also add delay for vocal and guitar on gig. Yes, I like delay and the Edge (laugh), but I never ever thought of using it for cafe bossa yoshi world.
I wish I could control and carefully choose reverb for certain song in my gig. i may acquire some hard ware for reverb by the upcoming my new gig on September 14. Let's see...



つい最近まではアナログテープや機材がベストだと思っていました。でも、つい最近、本当につい最近、ようやく24 bit / 48khzで録音し始め(2年ぐらい前まで16 bit /44.1 khzでした。。。)、それから一気に音の天井が高くなり、見えないものが見えるようになりました。それにより、音の縦横、そして奥行感が見え始めました。
2000年以降、特にボサノバをやるようになってから、録音は全くドライな音の傾向にありました。しかし、最近、急にマインドが変わり、歌やギターにリバーブやディレイに使いたいと思うようになりました。確かにディレイやU2のThe Edgeも好きですが(笑)、Cafe De Yoshiなボッササウンドにそういうサウンドを使うとは思いませんでした。今後のライブでも、できれば曲ごとにエコーの掛り具合を調整したいとは思ってます。9月14日にライブをやりますが、それまでにリバーブのハードウェアを導入するかもしれません。
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"Eternal Light" Studio Live (July 31, 2011):

"Under The Sun" Studio Live (July 31, 2011):

Event: Yoshinari Nakamatsu 10th Anniversary Live
Place: 外苑前「月見ル君思フ」
東京都港区南青山4-9-1 シンプル青山ビルB1
東京メトロ銀座線 外苑前駅
東京メトロ銀座線「外苑前駅 1a出口」を出て渋谷方面へ。
Time: 7PM open, 8PM 1st stage, 9PM 2nd stage
Charge: 5,500 yen (ブッフェスタイルによるブラジル料理、1 drink付き)
    尚、9PM以降のエントランスの方はお食事抜き​のチャージとして3,000 yen (1 drink付き)となります。


●中松義成だけの「ワンマンライブ」(2 stage予定: 8PM-8:40PM, 9PM-10PM)







中松 義成

中松義成 公式Facebookがスタート:

Dear all,

I would like to announce that I will have my
own solo concert on September 14 (wed) at Gaienmae, 1 stop from Omotesandou.

My own solo project sounds acoustic, bossa nova, reggae, resort music, and some times disco. I sing mainly in English and play my songs.

The gig is my 10th anniversary of my official solo debut and i
will be the only guy who is on the stage, sing and play acoustic and
electric guitars. all the back ground instruments and photos are made by myself.

It is a nice big cozy atmosphere. good to visit the club.

I will play my guitars so hard as rock'n roll!!

For the reference, please see the below URL:


you can check my videos:


"Eternal Light" Studio Live (July 31, 2011):

"Under The Sun" Studio Live (July 31, 2011):

Date: September 14 (Wed)
Time: open 7PM, 1st stage 8PM 2nd stage 9PM
Fee: 5,500 yen including Brazilian food and 1 drink
Place: Tsukimiru Kimi Omou (Gaienmae Station)
Simple Aoyama bldg B1F 4-9-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5474-8115

Use Ginza Line to get off at Gaienmae Station exit at 1a and walk
toward Shibuya.
At the intersection "Minami Aoyama 3-Chome, " pass the pedestrian and
take left on Gaien Nishi Dohri. Walk down a minute and the 1st stop
light, there is "Ski Shop Jiro" at the corner and take right.
Immediately, there is a path on the left and take left. 10 meters,
there is a moon sign on the right, the place is in the basement.

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